Corporate Membership

Making your fitness our Business!
Health club membership is regarded as a key employee benefit!
Employees who exercise at least three times a week have a better state of physical health and greater happiness. The Laguna Health & Spa can be your Health Club partner.

Building the Team

Keeping your employees healthy does not have to be difficult. At Laguna Health & Spa we have a dedicated sales & support team to ensure we provide excellent service, promoting the benefits of corporate membership within your business.

To qualify you will need a minimum of 5 employees and the drive to actively promote Laguna Health & Spa to your employees.

Working together
It’s so simple to set up a Corporate Membership with Laguna, simply
choose from the options below and we'll do the rest!

  1. Employee Contribution
    Employees are self-funding but benefit from a special company rate.
  2. Corporate Contribution
    You pay some or all of the membership fees on behalf of your employees.

Available to companies with a minimum of 6 named employees or group members from a single organisation.

If you have an enquiry or wish to discuss any potential corporate opportunities then please contact the Membership Team on 029 2011 1110.

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