Terms & Conditions

Free Gym Day Pass

Subject to availability. Only one 1-day trial per person. Offer excludes any paid for activities e.g. personal training. Appointments must be booked in advance. Laguna Health & Spa reserves the right to refuse entry. Only one day pass to be used in a 90 day period. 

1.       Membership Terms

 1.1.      Fees

1.1.1.            Monthly membership fees are to be paid in advance by direct debit.

1.1.2.            If a member fails to pay by Direct Debit for any reason or if an attempted Direct Debit is unpaid an additional monthly admin fee is payable.

1.1.3.            If an attempted Direct Debit is unpaid the Club can attempt to use any secondary payment methods it holds on file for the member.

1.1.4.            Monthly membership fees are made up of the standard fee for your membership type plus any applicable admin fees or membership upgrade fees. These fees are as specified on your application.

1.1.5.            The Club will review the fee levels each January and reserves the right to increase fees annually by up to RPI+2%.


1.2.      Contract Length

1.2.1.            Membership length is either for a minimum 12 month term or a rolling monthly contract as specified on the application.

1.2.2.            After the initial 12 month term, Minimum 12 Month Contracts revert to Rolling Monthly Contracts.

1.2.3.            If a membership has been frozen for any period of time during an initial 12 month minimum term that period of time will be added to the minimum contract length.


1.3.      Cancellation

1.3.1.            Members who wish to cancel must serve a Notice of Cancellation by the 15th of the month in which they wish their membership to end.

1.3.2.            Members on a 12 month minimum term cannot cancel their membership until the 12 month of their membership. Members on a 12 month minimum term are fully liable for payment of their membership fees for the full 12 month period.

1.3.3.            Notices of Cancellation must state the member’s name and address and the month end date they wish to have their membership cancelled from.

1.3.4.            Notices of Cancellation must be either handed into the Club or sent by registered post to arrive prior to the 15th of the month the member wishes to cancel at the end of. If sent by registered post, proof of postage must be retained until the club has confirmed receipt of the notice.


1.4.      Freeze of Membership

1.4.1.            Members may freeze their membership by giving us notice prior to the 15th of the month before they wish to freeze their membership.

1.4.2.            A monthly freeze charge is payable.

1.4.3.            Freeze periods are for a minimum of one month, a maximum of six months and must begin on the 1st of the month.

1.4.4.            If a membership has been frozen for any period of time during an initial 12 month minimum term that period of time will be added to the minimum contract length.


1.5.      Membership Type Specific Terms

1.5.1.            Corporate Memberships are available to all employees of a company with an agreed corporate rate. Proof of employment is required.

1.5.2.            Joint Memberships are available to two people living at the same address. Proof of address is required.

1.5.3.            Student Memberships are available to registered students. Student ID is required.

1.5.4.            Over 55s Memberships are available to people over the age of 55. Proof of age is required.

1.5.5.            Off Peak Membership is valid up until 4:30pm Monday-Friday and all day at weekends.

1.5.6.            If any of the required membership type specific conditions cease to be met the membership type will revert to a standard individual membership.



  1. 2.       General Conditions

2.1.    These terms and conditions along with your application form along with any additional questionnaire/statement you are asked to complete or read regarding your health, any notices displayed by the Club from time to time, and the Club rules form your membership agreement with the Laguna Health and Spa.

2.2.    Members must obey the Club Rules at all times. The Club may cancel or suspend your membership without notice if you or any of your guests repeatedly or seriously break the Club Rules. No refund will be given if your membership is cancelled or suspended under these circumstances.  The Club may make reasonable changes to these Rules at any time provided that we give you advance notice of the change.

2.3.    To provide the highest standards of facilities, the Club may need to close certain facilities temporarily for decorating, cleaning, essential repairs or maintenance of equipment and special events.  The Club will make all reasonable efforts to keep such closures to a minimum.

2.4.    If the club wishes to change these Terms and Conditions at any time the Club will notify you of the changes and if you are not happy with them you will have the right to cancel your membership.

2.5.    These Terms and Conditions replace any previous versions. In addition these, Terms and Conditions apply at all times and take priority over any spoken communication from one of our team members 

2.6.    Your membership applies to you; you cannot loan or transfer it to another person.

2.7.    The Club may assign the benefit of this agreement and our rights thereunder to a third party on notice to you.


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